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About Us

Fairfield Recycling Center was established in Dayton, Ohio by Pawan and Rita Singla as Singla Enterprises. In 1982, the Singla's relocated Singla Enterprises from Dayton to Cincinnati. In 1987, Singla Enterprises was incorporated as Singla Metals Inc. Initially, the company bought scrap from industrial plants and government facilities. However, in 1994, the company also began purchasing metal scrap from individuals, homeowners, and subcontractors.


The company began selling new structural steel in 1989 and started doing business as Fairfield Steel. In 1995, structural steel was discontinued and company stuck to its original business of recycling. This led to dropping the word "Steel" out of the name and replacing it with "Recycling," hence, it came to be known as Fairfield Recycling.


Both Pawan (Paul) and Rita Singla hold Master's degrees in Science. They would welcome your business. If you have any comments, please feel free to let us know.


Fairfield Sun

August 28, 1986

The Cincinnati Enquirer

October 4, 1994

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