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Commercial & Industrial Recycling

We pay cash for your scrap

Get cash for your clean stainless and non-ferrous metals.

We accept the following metals and items:


  • Aluminum (including wheels, siding, gutters)

  • Brass (including faucets, pipes, window hardware)

  • Copper (including pipe, sheet, wire, insulated wire)

  • Stainless Steel

  • Automotive & industrial batteries

  • Auto radiators (aluminum and copper)

  • Die cast

  • Electric motors


Currently we are not setup to pay for steel or iron. We do not accept refrigerators or any hazardous materials.


When you arrive, pull up to our loading dock. We will help you unload your metals. We will weigh your metals and pay you cash.

Call us today to see if we will pay cash for your scrap.
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