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Household Recycling

aluminum cans
Aluminum cans


We accept clean and dry aluminum cans. Prices fluctuate and are subject to change, so please call to find out our current price.


Aluminum doors and window frames that someone brought in for recycling.
Other metals

  • Finish a home improvement project and have scrap lying around? Give us a call to see if we'll pay you cash for it.

  • Common household items you may be able to recycle:

    • pots and pans

    • aluminum mini blinds

    • rain gutters

    • aluminum foil

    • extension cords

    • automotive batteries

    • aluminum wheels

    • aluminum siding, gutters, window frames, doors

    • much more

help save planet
Why recycle?


By recycling you're helping preserve the earth's precious resources.


Did you know that aluminum cans are the most recycled item in America? In fact, nearly 55% of a new aluminum cans are made from recycled aluminum. By recycling aluminum, you are helping to complete the recycling loop. Aluminum cans recycled today are back on the grocery shelf in about 90 days.

Plan your Visit

Setup a trash can in your home dedicated to aluminum recycling.

Collect your aluminum cans in a large plastic garbage bag. Be sure to not mix other metal and be sure the cans are empty before putting them in.

Bring your recycling in.

When you arrive, pull up to the unloading dock.

We will assist you in unloading your metals.

We will weigh all of your metals and pay you cash.

We look forward to seeing you.


Other recyclables

We do not recycle plastic or paper, but there are other recycling facilities that you can take these items to.


For plastics recycling, here is a list of other places in the area:


For paper recycling, here is a list of recycling drop off locations:


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